In the pages of this blog Perfected Pixel I have amassed photographs and literary works from lots of different sites.

I take no credit for the photographs or literary works. All images and characters on this blog are copyright and trademark their respective owners All images available on this blog have been downloaded from the Internet free of charge. If You own the Copyright to any images and do not wish them to appear on my blog, please contact me and I will remove them as soon as I can.

If you see one of your photographs and you would like it removed please contact me using “Comment” below your picture and use your legitimate email address, I will contact you and remove the photograph asap.

Since I value privacy, all comments have to be moderated. I will contact you using the e-mail address you provided and will remove it so that your e-mail address is not published on my blog Perfected Pixel.

Thank you!

Another disclaimer: Part of this disclaimer was found here: http://erotixx.wordpress.com/about-2/disclaimer/ sounded good so I decided to use it but of course while providing credit to the source. Erotixx is an amazing blog and one of my favorites please stop by there and browse for a while.

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